Korma Curry Variations

While living in the UK, I developed a taste for curry. It's a nice fast lunch or dinner, filling and tasty. Well, it was in the UK, at least, where you could buy some tasty-enough curries in jars. You'd cook up the fillings, and then stir in the sauce. Pour it over some rice, and bob's your uncle. However, I've noticed a dearth of good curries in the areas I currently live, be it in a restaurant or a jar. So I threw together this recipe to fill the craving. Of course, it's a lot more work at first than the stuff in the jars was, but it works very well as something you can prepare beforehand and then eat over the course of a week. It's also tastier than the stuff in the jars.

Since it is an approximate recipe, there aren't any measurements. It's also not exact, as I list all the little variations I use sometimes. The result is that it's a very flexible recipe. I will justify this absolute laziness and inexactness by claiming that it is how my great-grandmother wrote down most of her recipes, and therefore I am simply being old-fashioned instead of simply being inclined to toss in a bit of this and a bit of that until it tastes right, and never writing down how much I have put in.
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