novium (novium) wrote,

Cato Soup

This is a tasty, healthy, easy to make soup.

I've been making this after eating roast chicken- using the carcass to make chicken stock, and going from there, but you can also just buy a box of chicken stock/broth and call it good.
  • Chicken stock/broth
  • water
  • potatoes (I prefer those red and yellow creamer potatoes, cut in half)
  • half a cabbage, cut up.
  • several carrots (sliced)
  • zucchini (cut in half and sliced)
  • yellow squash (same)
  • Cilantro cubes (they're like bouillon cubes, but they're...cilantro.)
  • garlic (crushed, powder, etc. Doesn't matter, you only need a little.)
  • Salt and pepper to taste (a friend likes adding Montreal steak seasoning.)
And there you go.

(I call it Cato Soup because of Cato the Elder, who wrote a farming manual in which he sang cabbage's praises as a cure for pretty much everything.)
Tags: chicken, soup, vegetables

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