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I've been on a crepes kick recently. They're super easy, and very tasty.

The basic crepe recipe:

  • Two Eggs
  • 1/2 Cup water
  • 1/2 Cup Milk
  • two table spoons of butter, melted
  • a pinch of salt
Into a bowl and mix well.

Then sift
  • 1 Cup Flour
in slowly while whisking. Whisk very well until smooth.

Meanwhile, take your favorite frying pan (I prefer my cast iron frying pan because it heats evenly and remains constant regardless of the stove I'm using despite the fact it's ridiculously heavy) and lightly grease it with butter. Set it on the stove at medium/low. I recommend doing this before you start making the batter, that way it's all ready to go by the time you're done making it.

Pour about 1/4 cup of the batter into the pan (it's a thin batter, don't worry). Then pick the pan up off the stove and roll it slowly, so that your crepe batter spreads out over the pan in a nice and hopefully still circular shape. Set it back down on the stove until it firms up enough for you to flip it over with a spatula, a fork, or your fingers. This should take about ten to twenty seconds, depending on how hot the pan is. If it's sizzling, it'll be even less than that.

Let it cook on the other side for another ten seconds or so and then pull it out of the pan.

Tada! A crepe.

I recommend cooking the entire lot because the batter goes bad pretty quickly, even if refrigerated.


My personal favorite is nutella, then topping the rolled up crepe with whipped cream and strawberries.

But there's another recipe I've been using a lot, which is:

Tasty bacon, mushroom, and spinach filling
  • ten ounces of frozen chopped spinach
  • package of sliced muchrooms
  • about a quarter pound of bacon. I buy the really expensive tasty stuff for flavor.
  • a little garlic.
Fry up the bacon (you want it really crispy) and set it aside. Pour a good amount of the bacon grease into the pan you're going to use to sautee everything else (though you could skip this and just use butter or olive oil.)

Sautee your mushrooms, teensy bit of garlic, and spinach in the pan. Salt and pepper to taste. If you're feeling fancy, pour in some wine- either a sweeter white wine or something like sherry, port, madeira, brandy...

Then chop up or crunch up your bacon into small pieces and mix it into the spinach/mushrooms

Back in the bacon pan, you want to pour out most of the  bacon grease. Actually, I'd recommend pouring it into a cup so you can put it back in if you need it. Basically, you're going to make a gravy, and so you need some floating around in the pan still.

Whisk flour into the pan until there's a smooth paste.

Over a low heat, pour milk in and whisk until it looks like a gravy. Add pepper. Dump in your spinach/mushroom mix and stir. Salt and pepper to taste.

Put into crepe, eat. If you need a sauce on top, hollandaise would be a good bet.
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