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Sweet Potato (really Jewel Yam) Tacos

A tasty, filling, and above all, easy, vegetarian dish. I adapted from something George, the ED of <a href="">Project MANA</a> made. His salsa was 10,000 times better though. George would often cook food on Fridays and share with the building.

  • Small soft corn tortillas.
  •     Jewel Yam sweet potatoes (I used two, enough to last me for dinner and maybe a few left over meals, probably not enough for a meal for
  •      A pat or two of butter
  •     Cinnamon, Ground Cumin, Chili Powder

Salsa (you can just buy this, obviously. But I'd still recommending adding cilantro).
  •     * tomatoes (I used three), diced.
  •     * onion (I used half of one), diced.
  •     * part of a jalepeno pepper, sliced up into microscopic pieces.
  •     * lemon or lime (juice) --> not absolutely necessary if you don't have it
  •     * LOTS AND LOTS of cilantro, all chopped up.
Peel and slice your sweet potatoes, and boil them. When they are soft, drain them and mash them with the butter. Then lightly sprinkle in some cinnamon and cumin, and a tiny bit of chili powder. you want this to be very subtle.

Important tip on the salsa: let your diced tomatoes sit in a colander, draining, for about an hour. Put them in a bowl and mix in your other ingredients. Squeeze a lemon or lime over the whole thing. Just a bit though.

Take your tortillas and warm them up. I put them between two plates and microwaved them for 30 seconds. Take a tortilla, spoon some of the sweet potatoes in it, and then cover it in the salsa (lots and lots of cilantro, remember).

Tags: entree, lunch, sweet potato, vegetarian

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